Sunday, October 26, 2008

pushing through to the second syllable

Have you noticed the praise that infants get for burping? Smiles and laughter and applause even. And then at some point, the baby grows into a kid and burping at the table elicits an entirely different response. When does burping move from adorable to rude and disgusting? Odd, eh?

Sucking follows the same curious path. An infant's sucking reflex is the most critical and primal response because it allows the little guy to take in nourishment. But at some point, to suck takes on a whole new meaning and it's not pretty.

That's why I'm trying to push through to the second syllable - from suck to success. It's not that I don't have gratitude for my health and my loving family; I do. But I've been feeling that my life sucks lately. What will it take to feel that I'm a success?


patti said...

Is it the Buddhists (?) who say you should do every little thing, whatever it is, right now, to the best of your ability - the sum of all these quality parts (if you choose to look back) is success.

Dr. Jay SW said...

I've certainly noticed that I don't get praised for burping...and I seriously resent that....

Then I doubt that fart I cut in yoga class this evening got me any praise, either...then, certain people who blew it off to watch baseball players get rained on wouldn't know about that, would they?

jehannie said...

Well, nice to know someone else out there feels their life sucks too. "They" tell me, 'look how far you've come!'
but this offers me no solice whatsoever. Hang in there, and I will too.