Sunday, October 18, 2009

i am

i am four chews and a swallow
i am the words and huddled whispers passed across a shared table
i am the nods, the smiles, the anticipation of what's next
i am the darkness, the silence, the match and the dancing flame
i am the chorus of song
i am the drip, slightly off center
i am the wish, the promise, the breath aimed precisely
i am the sweet finger of buttercream,
i am the knife dipped in water, the slow peal of tape, the fast rip of paper
i am surprise, joy, disappointment
i am celebration braced against wax,
dripping year after year
lengthening trail, shortening wick
i am 47 years, carrying multitudes in my cells
i am the drop of a stone in a pond
i am tree rings, ripples
counting on something better to come from my having been here


Dr. Jay SW said...

i am glad to see a new post on your blog after so long...and particularly like "i am the drip, slightly off center"...probably because it describes me, as well, except maybe for the "slightly" part...

The word verification word is "unwit"--which seems just made for a Mistress of Puns like yourself...

Laura Hegfield said...

I love that you are all of this...and much more I'm quite sure. We are all, All of this...the minutia of life, flowing into the expansiveness of eternity.