Saturday, September 20, 2008

too much

Sometimes there's just too much shit to deal with.

I walked Bella early this morning just as I do every morning. I had 2 bags with me - enough for both poops. I dropped those bags in the school yard can that was overflowing with bottles and wrappers.

Then she pooped again.

Not a newspaper bag in sight. No shovel to bury it. No way to pick it up. She unburdened herself just at the mouth of the driveway at Isabella's house. I had this fleeting thought that I could just leave it there. After all, they were Republicans. And at some point, all the crap that the Republicans dish out should come to their doorstep, you know?

But in the end, I couldn't just walk away. I hightailed it home, grabbed another bag and hurried back to the scene of the crime.

I've been picking up shit all week. At least that's how it seems....

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Dr. Jay SW said...

Alright--I'm gonna do a google search for commie/islamofascist/yogapagan/poop terrorists with dogs named Bella who live near decent Americans named Isabella and find out just who's befouling our Christian neighborhoods....